Driving awareness for a key game launch

Daedalic Entertainment is a renowned video game developer and publisher, with a diverse catalog of popular and high-quality games. Their portfolio spans classic adventures, RPGs, strategy and multiplayer games, across consoles, PC and mobile platforms. Games under Daedalic’s umbrella include Deponia, Barotrauma, Iron Danger, Edna & Harvey, Shadow, Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth, as well as the upcoming, next-gen AAA title The Lord of the Rings™ – Gollum™.


Create a strong buzz for a Nordic-developed indie game

In early 2020, Finnish Action Squad Studios (developer) and Daedalic Entertainment (publisher) were preparing to release their highly anticipated tactical combat game, Iron Danger. A key goal was to promote and market the title to gamers in the Nordic countries.

In the run up to the game’s launch, digitalPR was tasked with securing top-tier previews, features, news articles and reviews, including earned influencer coverage.


Highlight the game’s uniqueness and leverage key relationships

Iron Danger is a tactical combat game that features a unique time-manipulation mechanic. The title also blends the tactical depth of turn-based games with the exciting action of real-time games in a way that had never been done before.

DigitalPR spent the time to understand the game’s unique elements, so that the team was able to excite and entice journalists and influencers into generating buzz around the launch.

Through our understanding of the game’s strengths and USPs, and our relationships with key Nordic gaming media and influencers, digitalPR was able to secure premium coverage in all of the major Nordic gaming publications. In addition, we were able to secure coverage from a select group of popular Nordic Twitch streamers.


Glowing reviews and a successful launch

DigitalPR achieved close to 40 media clippings in the period up to and shortly after Iron Danger’s launch. This included a five-page print preview in the Finnish magazine, Pelaaja, which also featured an interview with the game’s development team.

Beyond earned media coverage, digitalPR also secured earned (non-paid) influencer coverage from popular Twitch streamers, including LaeppaStream and SkäggFobi.

This combination of media coverage, interviews and key influencer exposure ensured the smooth and successful launch of Iron Danger.

Summary of results:

• Almost 40 clippings published
• Unanimously positive review scores
• Covered in popular publications such as Feber, FZ, Pelaaja, Pelit and GameReactor
• Featured by well-known personalities on Twitch and YouTube, including LaeppaStream (143,000 followers) and Skäggfobi (3,200 subscribers)

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